How to remove donardsinay virus w/o spending

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How to remove donardsinay virus w/o spending

Post  Earl on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:49 am

The donardsinay virus change the homepage of your Internet Explorer to donardsinay dot blogspot dot com. Even if you change your homepage manually it automatically change it back to donardsinay homepage.

To remove the virus on your computer you have to download the Panda Cloud anti-virus and let it scan your computer. After scanning your computer change the homepage of IE which is donardsinay to whatever site you want, then try pulling up your IE again and see if the virus has been removed.

Before when my computer was been infected by this virus I've tried several anti-virus to remove it on my computer but nothing happened. Only Panda Cloud anti-virus successfully removed it from my computer, all thanks to this amazing anti-virus..

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